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Get back to business and life with ARTEMIS X1. Designed as an all-in-one solution for the purpose of ensuring safer working environments during a pandemic or otherwise. ARTEMIS X1 provides protection to yourself, your employees, your customers, and their families from potentially deadly infected individuals.

Tell Temperatures Accurately, Efficiently, And With In Seconds

ARTEMIS X1 can promptly screen 20 to 30 employees and patrons temperature in 1 minute. Cut labor costs by eliminating the need for a dedicated employee for temperature screenings.
More then just Cameras
Touch-Free Automatic Temperature Scanning

Utilizing a very advanced and unique near-infrared sensory array, binocular camera, and AI-driven facial recognition technology, ARTEMIS X1 detects points on a person's face to provide extremely reliable temperature readings (within ± 0.5 ºF) in just 2-3 seconds.

Get Instant Result
Plug In To Start And USe

ARTEMIS X1 is ready for use out the box. All functions can be performed without networking/internet connection or additional system backend required. No additional setup or operation fees required.

Intelligent Alerts
Color & Voice Warnings

Immediately be notified when elevated body temperature threshold is met.

ARTEMIS X1 Companion Application
Keep Control

ARTEMIS X1 may look ordinary to some but her tech is made to grow with your business. ARTEMIS X1's companion app allows you to adjust and create custom settings to fit your business.

Revolutionary AI
Made With Privacy, Safety AND the future In Mind

Automatic Temperature Screening All In One System

Our design is made to capture temperature from a wide range of heights. ARTEMIS X1 is low profile with four different options in mind; ARTEMIS X1 comes as a wall-mounted unit or a unit with adjustable stand sizes, Desktop 3.8 CM, Children's Stand 60 CM, and Adult Stand 110 CM. The system is mobile and used in many different environments.

Proudly CODED In The
United States

Tampa Bay, Florida

ARTEMIS X1 Apps & Software are designed here in the USA and not oversea, nor are they ran on software, apps, or unsecured cloud servers from overseas or disguised as such. Your data is never sent back to China, like many other machines that look similar to ARTEMIS X1.

We are proud to say that ARTEMIS X1 is built with American's data privacy in mind. Learn more about what makes us different from our competitors.



Providing online and offline identification methods to meet the requirements of public, private and local deployment.

Just A Few Application & Usage Scenarios
Bars & Venues
School & Child Care
Office Building
Gym & Fitness Facilities
Groups & Networking
Everyday Businesses
Sporting Events
Conventions & Summits
Medical Facilities
Cloud Integration

In July 2020, you could seamlessly connect ARTEMIS X1 to her Companion App, and later this year, she will continue to get upgraded to a cloud backend. A feature like connecting to a secure cloud-based in the USA for advanced reporting, custom bulk employee/visitor data management, blacklist/VIP management, controlled access, ai marketing, and remote operation of ARTEMIS X1. Many new features are coming soon.

Prevention is the key.

Reduce the risk of cross-contact with AI. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ― Benjamin Franklin 

AI technologies can be useful for people and society, and it's important these technologies are developed thoughtfully and responsibly. Our technology helps create a preventive measurement that businesses, office areas, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public services, restaurants, bars and other alike can use to combat the spread of Coronavirus and Flu fevers.

Tampa Bay, Florida

Preventech AI headquartered in Tampa, FL, is a commercial IT Integrated Service Company specializing in high-tech enterprise intelligent app systems and synergetic hardware technology development. Our smart software allows various display equipment and other hardware to create revolutionary touch-free controlled access and digital display AI Marketing Solutions.

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Software Updates Are Always Releasing

Face-related technologies can be useful for people and society, and it's important these technologies are developed thoughtfully and responsibly. We believe in Tech that can be used for many years to come that is why we provide basic software updates for the life of the device.

ARTEMIS X1 has many other hardware and automated features that are included and coming soon.

Founder Of Preventech AI
Shai Ortiz

I am so grateful for all the innovators across history and around the world who helped spark my curiosities and paved the way for me.

Especially the Women inventors who have imagined, developed, tested, and perfected their creations for the betterment of all.

I am hoping to do the same with our ARTEMIS X technologies so that we can live in a safer and touch free environment.

Preventech AI